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Thanksgiving Delights: Embrace the Season with Flowers of the Field

Welcome to Flowers of the Field, your delightful floral destination nestled in North Bergen, New Jersey. As the season of Thanksgiving unfolds, we invite you to experience the essence of gratitude and warmth with our exquisite floral arrangements. Our commitment to bringing the beauty of nature into your homes shines brightly, e... Continue Reading

November 17, 2023

AuthorBy: Bloomerang Solutions

Enchanted Gardens of North Bergen

  North Bergen's Botanical Chronicles: Legends and Blooms with Flowers of the Field Florist Welcome, North Bergen plant and flower aficionados! October’s embrace paints North Bergen with vibrant foliage and whispered tales from yesteryears. At the center of this botanical theater is the esteemed Flowers of the Field F... Continue Reading

October 12, 2023

AuthorBy: Bloomerang Solutions

Five Autumn Blooms to Reflect New Jersey's Fall Splendor in Your Home

As North Bergen is gently draped in the amber and gold hues of fall, there's a palpable shift in the atmosphere. The season's transition is a call to harmonize our living spaces with the serene beauty of autumn. To achieve this, introducing meticulously chosen floral arrangements is key.   Perched elegantly at 7329 Broadway... Continue Reading

September 14, 2023

AuthorBy: Bloomerang Solutions

North Bergen's Eco-Friendly Florist: Flowers of the Field

  Step into Flowers of the Field, North Bergen’s premier destination for eco-friendly floral services. Conveniently located at 7329 Broadway, North Bergen, NJ 07047, we’re deeply committed to crafting beautiful bouquets while significantly reducing our impact on the environment. We welcome you to experience our ... Continue Reading

August 03, 2023

AuthorBy: Bloomerang Solutions

Stay Fresh: Tips for Maintaining Your Flowers in the Summer Heat

  As summer cranks up the heat, we all find ways to keep cool. But what about the colorful flowers that brighten up our homes and events? They also need a little extra care in the summer months. If you're unsure how to keep your flowers looking fresh and vibrant in the summer heat, you're in the right place. We've got some ... Continue Reading

June 29, 2023

AuthorBy: Bloomerang Solutions

Father's Day Made Special with Flowers of the Field

  Celebrate Father's Day in a memorable way with Flowers of the Field, your local, trusted florist located in the heart of North Bergan, NJ. More than just a flower shop, we offer an extensive array of products that cater to all dads, from verdant indoor plants to gourmet food baskets, and more unique, masculine gifts. With... Continue Reading

June 06, 2023

AuthorBy: Bloomerang Solutions

Flowers of the Field's Guide to Selecting the Perfect Mother's Day Flowers

  Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14, 2023, and if you are looking for a beautiful and meaningful and way to show your appreciation for your mom, a breathtaking bouquet of beautiful Mother's Day flowers - fresh from a local florist - is always a classic and timeless choice. With so many amazing options and so many different typ... Continue Reading

May 02, 2023

AuthorBy: Bloomerang Solutions

Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day with Flowers of the Field

  Don't forget Administrative Professional's Day on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 As Administrative Professionals Day approaches, it's a wonderful opportunity to express appreciation for the hardworking administrative professionals who help businesses run smoothly. At Flowers of the Field in North Bergen, NJ, we understand the ... Continue Reading

March 31, 2023

AuthorBy: Bloomerang Solutions

Get Ready for Spring With Beautiful Fresh Flowers From Flowers of the Field Florist

Springtime in North Bergen, New Jersey is a beautiful season, full of new growth and vibrant colors. As a local florist, Flowers of the Field loves to celebrate the arrival of spring with a dazzling array of flowers that bring joy and beauty to any occasion! Here we will highlight some of the most popular spring flowers a... Continue Reading

March 06, 2023

AuthorBy: Bloomerang Solutions

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